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Mrs. Poonam Shetty
Principal, TGIS

Parents and students of the current era are far more informed and demanding:


Great India School, Raipur

* When the school was started and what are the vision/ mission behind launching the school?

The School is run by Holy Hearts Educational Academy, Raipur. Holy Hearts is working in the field of education since last 30 years. The Great India School was started in 2015.

Our vision continually evolves into creating spaces that are conducive to learning, for students’ growth in a rapidly progressing society. To stand as the most reliable institution for education.

Encouraging learning and molding the young minds in order to raise liberal individuals, well-equipped with knowledge and life skills to pursue the field of their interest is our mission.


* How your school is different from rest of the schools in the vicinity?

Ours is a state of the art Day Boarding and Residential School located on a 35 acres lush green campus with best in Class Sports facilities.

The school is different from other schools in terms of its pedagogy; an approach that focuses on character building, possibly the only school that keeps patriotism at its core. The school has a Martyr’s gallery with photographs and information of 100 martyrs who gave their life for the Nation.


*  How you mold your students in both academic and non-academic activities?

Our students get a definitive mix of both Academic and Non-Academic Activities.


* What are your thoughts about today's students and parents? how are they different from past generations?

Parents and students of the current era are far more informed and demanding and so our responsibility has also increased. The emotional challenges of nowadays children are far higher.


*  How you prepare your students for the examinations?

We help our children to understand that examination is a part of the routine, it is nothing to get scared. We help them to take exams easily.

We coach them to prepare for exams with smart techniques. Preparing short notes for revision, the process to unwind, meditation techniques to recall what one has already studied has helped our children.


* How your school is ensuring holistic education for one and all?

Now a days rote learning will not help. So we provide children such an education that will help them get future ready. We work on their IQ and at the same this EQ. We engage them in lot social activities to bring in empathy in them. We take them to social and literature festivals, we ensure to tell them about how India got freedom, the dedication of Martyrs.


* What are the big challenges infront of today's teachers? how your school teachers are molding their students?

Today’s teacher’s biggest challenge is to gather the attention of children, keep them focused, being tech savvy because the children are well informed but at the same time quiet distracted due to TV and mobile phones, etc. our teachers are using best in classroom techniques and also digital learning tools.


* What are your future plans for the school and the students?

We aim to build a culture so that after Class XII a child is true “Future Ready” and a responsible citizen. We are a Career aligned school meaning our children identify in class VIII about the tentative stream that they would take in their career and we provide best facilities to help them achieve it. Our biggest dream is to make children sensitive towards national issues and make them responsible citizens.


About the Great India School (TGIS)

TGIS is the first of its kind  day & boarding cum residential co-education school in Central India that takes the child beyond the well-designed CBSE based curriculum; with state of the art amenities, resources, tools, modern learning methodologies, and an environment conducive to learning. TGIS offers a whole new experience and a taste of life through education; a perspective that can transform a child’s life. The school gets its innate character from its guiding principles of unity in diversity and patriotism. What distinguishes this school from the rest is that it admits students from all Indian states and takes them on the journey of learning, of gathering experiences, and of self-discovery. By providing holistic education, a balanced academic curriculum, and a well crafted value system embedded in the rich Indian culture, the school facilitates physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual development.




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