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S Namasivayam

Children are influenced by peer pressure: S Namasivayam (senior principal), Maharishi Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School, Chennai

Maharishi Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School is one of the most reputed schools in South India. Established in the year 1983, the school is affiliated to  CBSE, New Delhi and an

ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Institution. In an interview with The Top Indian Schools, school senior principal S  Namasivayam observe that all-round holistic education is the need of the hour.


When the school was started and what are the vision /mission behind launching the School?

* The School came into existence in 1983, at Chetpet, Chennai-31.

The Vision and the Mission of the launch are to provide value-based education for integration and wholeness, to extend affordable education to all strata of society. Since, Knowledge is structured in Consciousness, students to be moulded holistically and academically to create a meaningful outlook.


* How is  the school different from rest of the schools in the vicinity?

We are unique in several ways. Here are the few unique features.

a) The   integral   part   of   the   school  curriculum   includes   training   in Yogasanas, Pranayama and Transcendental Meditation.

b) To develop the capacity of innovations for intellectual growth practically with an easy approach.

c) The eco-friendly ambience in the campus has resulted in promising future for all.


* How you mould your students in both academic and non-academic activities?

New ventures and experiments from time to time in academic and non- academic activities, has always been a rewarding experience. Be it educational standards or Special Activities, Service Movements and in upholding the cultural ethos. Excursion or competitions, our students attained outstanding achievements, from time to time


* What are your thoughts about today’s Students and Parents? How are they different from past generations?

The attitude and behavioural pattern of the students has undergone a rapid and drastic transformation. There is anxiety, stress, and fear hidden on one hand, but on the other hand, they are reluctant to share their opinion and shed their inhibitions in openness. Children are influenced by peer pressure. Parents wish to place their ward, at FIRST, in anything and everything. The co-operation and hard-work, support and motivation, to build a strong rapport with the school is slowing down in recent times. In the past, the responsibility came from within. Teachers were held in high reverence, Parental non intervention in the school affairs remained minimal.


* Examinations management is one of the key issues.  How you prepare your students?

-  For future achievers continuous written practice with adequate sample papers is given. Frequent counseling session is organised. Remedial classes is held in the evening between 3 pm and 6 pm.

-  For high achievers, a different set of reference materials and question papers are given all home test, review and follow up class, orientation session by the subject experts is conducted at regular intervals, - Group discussion with pep talk on difficult topics is held.

- Continuous Oral and Written Worksheets are given on completion of two lessons subject-wise.


*  How your school is ensuring holistic education for one and  all?

-   Imparting Yogasanas, Pranayama and Transcendental Meditation.

-   Moral values during Assembly hour and rendition of Bhajan songs - devotional and patriotic, to uphold the rich traditions.

-    Personality Development Lectures are conducted to generate positivity.

-    Celebration of Festivals and Activities conducted on the manifold. The Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training Foundation (IMCTF). IMCTF is conducted as a part of the spiritual and character building through moral values.


*  What are the big challenges infront of today’s Teachers? How your school Teaches molding their students?

-    To widen the intellect, by maintaining the standards and to bring about a change in the attitude of the children on the whole.

-  To create a distinguished mark, teachers play a vital role in bringing the class-control and discipline, inspite of the challenges she / he faces in everyday schedule.

-    Teachers completely utilize the time-schedule, to prevent any kind of unusual behaviour in children.


*.  What are your future plans for the school and the students?

The school is branching out successfully and across Tamil Nadu with 30 + schools presently. To uplift the student community and provide affordable education in rural areas to be on par excellence. Community Welfare Programmes will be taken by the Teachers and the students to benefit the Society in general in all walks of life situations. Formal and Informal Sessions with the students will be held to shape the values, purpose, and direction.


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