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What parents and students can expect in the year 2018?

The new year 2018 is around the corner. As expected analysis has begun on what is in store for all the stakeholders of the education sector in the year 2018. Parents, students and the school managements are eagerly looking forward to some exciting developments in the new year which can bring meaningful changes in the early and primary education sector.

Meanwhile, according to the academicians, Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) is expected to push radical changes in the primary education sector.


According to the academicians, the year 2018 will be all about the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology in the field of education and how they can reshape our classrooms and make the sector more vibrant and tech-savvy. According to them, the AI is expected to make a foray into basic activities of education including online examination, grading, course correction, online teaching, mentoring, early career guidance and feedback.


Speaking to www.topindianschools.com, Dr. Shrinidhi Adiga, an independent academician from Bengaluru, observed that AI and Technology are expected to play a key role in the transformation of our schooling system in the New Year 2018. "The schools are slowly moving towards introducing AI based interventions to ensure that all the students will get access to the best of the facilities, technology, etc. Everyone is curious to know whether AI will replace the traditional teaching and classroom system," he said.


"Education sector is expected to witness huge investment. With the franchise module getting thumbs up from all the stakeholders, AI and technology-based interventions have become an integral part of today's education system. Brand conscience among the parents will make the franchises left with no option other than introducing the latest available technology to ensure that all the school students will get same quality learning content, teaching module, etc. AI is a boon for all of them," he explained.


Other major changes expected in the early and primary education sector include increased assessment, steady growth in early childhood education, a greater focus on sports and games, integration of online technologies into the classroom environment, etc.


Sectoral reforms: According to the experts, in India, the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) is expected to push few major reforms in the education sector. "2018 is the penultimate year for the incumbent government as general election has been scheduled in the year 2019. One of the key reforms expected is the uniform curriculum for all board students. The states like Karnataka have already joined the league by adopting NCERT textbooks. To create a level playing field at the secondary education level, the government is expected to push this idea," explained Dr. Sugosh Niranjan, an independent researcher.


"Recently the Supreme Court of India quashed a petition seeking implementation of one nation-one board schooling system. But the MHRD is expected to create a level playing field for all the students irrespective of boards to which their schools are affiliated," he concluded.

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