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A big relief for school management

Henceforth parents will be responsible for absenteeism and drop out problem among students

By Shrivibhavana

Who is responsible for the issues related to the school going children especially for poor performance in the classroom activities, school dropout, etc? All these years, stakeholders had failed to come to any conclusion. There was a tremendous pressure on the government to make the parents onus for the issues related to their kids.

If sources in the Union Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) is believed, a sub-committee formed by the CABE, the highest advisory body on education to the union government, has recommended the government to make parents responsible for school students drop out problem as the government can do very little.

According to the sources, this recommendation is the part of the draft report submitted to the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) by the sub-committee. According to the reliable sources, the subcommittee has made it clear that various provisions of the Right to Education Act needed to be relooked.

"The committee has pointed out that in the developed countries like United States of America (USA) and United Kingdom (UK), the governments have made the parents responsible for the absenteeism among the school going students and drop out. With the central and state governments implementing a number of projects for the welfare of the students including free education, the committee wants the parents to share the responsibility of children," said sources.

Impact: academicians feel that the proposed changes in the rules expected to give the private school management and teachers much needed relief from parenting responsibilities." According to the RTE rules, all these years, the school teachers and management were held responsible for school absenteeism problem among the students. Parents were left off the hook. But proposed changes will make the parents more alert and responsive," says Dr. Arun Kumar, an academic consultant from Bengaluru.

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