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Re-examination blues hit CBSE Class X and XII students hard: counselors warn depression

By Shrivibhavana

Bengaluru:  For the first time in the recent years, lakhs of students studying in the schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) experienced trauma for the no fault of theirs. Thanks to the question paper leak saga which forced the CBSE to hold two re-examinations.  Definitely, this added to the examination stress faced by the students. 


Even before relieving from the exam stress and pressure, question paper leak incident added to the anxiety of the students. Parents and students from across the nation were aggrieved because of CBSE paper leak which pressed many students into the depression. Students paid for the mistake of someone else in the form of appearing for the re-examination. The pressure on students will continue and once again they have to spend stressful days. Board has failed in its exam. Several petitions are filed in courts which expected to deliver judgment in next couple of days. Everything is uncertain at this stage. The central government washed off its hands by announcing a Special Investigation Team (SIT).


The whole question paper leak episode raised several questions about the CBSE examination system itself. Journalist Sagarika Ghosh dubbed this incident as nothing but a scandal. "CBSEPaperLeaks is an utter scandal and shame! Just spoke to parents whose children suffer from exam-phobia and they are desperately worried about going through the whole traumatic process again. Horrendous penalizing of kids for sheer official blunderbuss incompetence,|" she wrote on her Twitter account. This tweet explains each and everything.


Students have already undergone a lot of psychological pressure and the re-examination may intensify the exam phobia. On the top of it, in a television interview speaking on re-examination Geetanjali Kumar, CBSE Counsellor said that "a wrong has happened and damage control needs to be done in the form of re-exams."


But parents have expressed their views slightly against to this statement and examination.  Shyam, a political critique argues that students should not be subjected to stress again while another parent Shavi Dwivedi demands to stop re-exam because of which students who worked hard are in a depression.


Urbasi Bhattacharyya, a lawyer from West Bengal says that few students even started enjoying freedom after exams, how difficult the situation is for them, their parents, their plans.


Meanwhile, the academic counselors feel these kinds of incidents add to the pressure of students which might result in several students slipping in the depression. "Generally Std X students are busy preparing for their various national level admission tests. These kinds of incidents detract them. For example, mathematics examination was the last examination for Std X students this year. Many students were planned a short vacation before resuming their studies. But this question paper leak incident forced them to cancel their plans. These kinds of things will affect their concentration," says Shuba Sharana, an academic counselor from Bengaluru.


Experts feel that only solution to ensure that these kinds of incidents will not repeat in the future is the adoption of technology in holding the examination. "This is the digital era. A numerous digital examination solutions are available to conduct the examinations without any glitches. Online question papers, the release of question papers online, online examinations are the few such interventions which can help the CBSE to hold the examination without any glitches," says Raghavendra Kumar, a techie from Bengaluru.

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