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Summer camp: few tips for parents and the students





Summer vacation is a big relief for kids from routine academic pressure like attending classes, homework, class tests, assignments etc. It provides an opportunity for them to explore new things and develop new hobbies. When rural kids spend their time busy in playing games with their friends, their urban counterparts prefer to go to summer camps where they can learn new activities, skills etc.


A summer camp is a place where children or teenagers take a break from their routine and engage themselves in innovative activities. They meet new friends and new guides here and try to explore something special.  For parents, it is shifting of their headaches (!) from teachers to camp trainers.


Summer camp provides an opportunity to learn new things. Once you decide to admit your child to a summer camp, then you will find a number of such camps in your neighbourhood. But problem starts here. How to choose a perfect summer camp which suits the child’s interest? The best thing is allowing the children to select the camp of their interest. Few children who are good in academics at the school may prefer non academic camps like games, fun games, craft, music, dance etc. Those children who are lagging behind in the academic activities inside the classroom may prefer vice versa.


Experts always suggest the parents to be extra careful while selecting the summer camps. According to them, children can join to the camp of their interest like dance, music, filmy dance, fusion music, drawing, painting, magic or games such as cricket, basketball, swimming, fun games, camps related to science education, performing arts like theatre activities, acting, mono acting, craft work like flower making, doll making, mask making, camps related to academic activities like Vedic maths, abacus and many more to list.


If your kid loves sports and games then he or she can knock the doors of cricket coaching classes, basketball or badminton coaching centre, coaching for swimming, skating training etc. If the children love rural games, they can join summer camps which train in rural games like Kabaddi, Kho Kho, Wrestling etc. Camps like Halliya Baduku  (Rural Life) expose the kids to age-old games and to make them stay away from mobile phones and computers.


Camps like Mad Science Summer camps will arise kids curiosity towards the scientific world. Kids start loving science through these camps.


You can send your kid who is stuck with a smartphone to fun game related camps. Or he/she can select craft works and involve themselves in creative activities. Making craft works using used or waste items really give an opportunity to showcase the hidden talent of a child.   Subjects of our interest will be taught here without any kind of academic pressure. Your kid can learn new skills. It encourages the physical and mental activity of a kid and makes him/her more sociable in the society.   


Experts feel that before finalising a summer camp, the parents must keep few points in mind. According to Rajesh Rao, an academic counsellor, instead of imposing the summer camp of their choice, the parents must allow the child to select the camp/ activity of his choice. “School activities are compulsory. It definitely creates a kind of pressure on the children. But when it comes to the summer camp, the parents must listen to their children. They should not impose the activity of their choice.  For example, a kid who is brilliant in the academic activities may prefer off-beat summer camp to de-stress himself.  These kinds of issues must be kept in the mind, “he suggests.

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