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What next after STD X? Count on your strengths-Forget what friends and parent say!



The STD X examinations are concluded and students are now enjoying nearly 2 months of vacation.  Everyone is eagerly waiting for the result.  These students often encounter a question by everyone they come across `what will you do next?’ Whenever you reach the milestone in your life you have to take a decision that decides your entire life.

If you are very clear about your career ambitions then it is easy to select the course and stream. If you don’t have a clear career plan, then you end up with the confusion or making wrong decisions.  Class 10 board exams are the first ladder in every student’s life to start a new beginning in their career.  After evaluating his/her skills a student has to choose right stream it may Science, Commerce or Arts/Humanities.

After 10th you should not count only your passion to make decisions about the career, but you should also count your strengths and weaknesses.  It is right time to think about shifting from State to CBSE or visaversa.

How will you decide and finalize the course of your choice between Arts/Science/Commerce?

The first thing that you should forget the courses selected by your friends and recommended by your parents. You should take up a research on your own to finalize the course. Select the subject which you consider as interesting for you. All streams are equally good and they offer good career options.  The thing is we have to select it wisely.

You can try aptitude tests to know your strengths. These tests are available on the internet to understand your strength and weaknesses. After doing the research you will get clarity about your career. You can decide the optional subjects of your choice keeping your future dream and past performance in your mind.

You can take help from educational counselors to understand which choice suits for your profile and helps to pursue your dream career. After finalizing the stream and subject you can check for a good college. If once you won’t find subjects of your choice in your city or neighbor city then you should be ready to shift to other cities and prepare yourself to stay in a hostel.

Shifting from school to college is a very big step in anyone’s life.  You should be ready to cope up with the changes and take up new responsibilities. It may be regard to studies, friends, habits, hostel life etc.

Hope you will get a good environment in college and utilize the plenty of opportunities that await you in future.


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