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Dear parent, try these tips to make this summer vacation more exciting



chools often give assignments to the students and parents. Most of the time they will be routine in nature and mostly related to learning, examination, and marks. All the time schools want their students to achieve excellence in the study and study centric activities.  But a school based in Chennai stands differently from its peers by giving a holiday assignment for parents of the students studying between class I to V. School advises natural guardians of the students to spend their vacation with their children for at least next two months. These bits of advice have become viral on the social media.

Annai Violet Matric and HR. SEC. School, Chennai 64 has come out this new kind of assignments for the parents. These tips have taken the internet by storm. Here are the few interesting assignments prescribed by the school to the parents.

The first one advises parents to have at least two meals in a day with the children. Along with it, a parent has to teach the importance of food to the kids. Parents should make children know about the hard work of farmers and convince them not to waste their food. 

This exercise does not stop with eating alone. The school also suggests the parents allow their children to wash their plates after having every meal.  Such activities help them to learn the dignity of labors.

Don’t treat them as kids and don’t stop them from entering into the kitchen. Allow them to help parents in cooking. Let them make their own dishes like vegetable salad, fruit salad. Such activities make them happy and keep them lively.

Teach them five new words in English and write it down in a note book. You can also advise them to write important news in a note book. It will enhance their general knowledge of current affairs and also improve their handwriting.

Visit neighbours along with kids to know more about them and build a good rapport with them.

Take your kids to meet their grandparents and let your child build a bond with them. Their love and emotional support give an emotional security to your child.  Take selfies or pictures with them. Children can make a good memory out of it.

Once in a while take your child to your workplace. Let your child understand that how you work very hard to support your family.

Don’t forget to take them to local festivals and nearby market. Let them learn our culture and understand rich heritage. Through visiting local market they will get a chance to meet the people from a different sector.

Encourage your child to raise kitchen garden by planting seeds. Knowledge about plants and trees are an integral part of your child’s life.

Spend time with them and share stories about your childhood and your family history.

Don’t stop your child from playing in outdoors. Let them get hurt and get dirty. It’s okay for them to fall down and experience pain once in a while. Comfortable life within the four walls of the home makes them lazy.

Teach them folk songs. If they are interested then allow them to adopt pet dog or cat or bird or fish or anything which they demand.

Get some storybooks with colorful pictures and encourage them to read. This will help them to develop reading habits.

Try to keep them away from Tv mobile phones, computer, video games and other electronic gadgets. Avoid giving chocolates, jellies, cream cakes, chips, aerated drinks and bakery items like puffs, samosa etc. Try to develop healthy eating habits in them.,

Finally look into the eyes of your little one and thank God for giving you one wonderful gift. In a few years from now, they will be soaring to greater heights.

The school concludes the summer vacation tips the parents with a pinch of caution. The school authorities want every parent to invest his/ her time with their children.

Many parents and children counselors feel that these tips are really worth adopting. According to Channakrishna, a parent from Basavanagudi, most of these tips were part of everyone's life till two decades ago. "Earlier, the children used to have lunch with their parent, grandparent and the relatives. The food was served in a very disciplined way. Post-meal, the kids were asked to wash their plates. But today in this era of nuclear families, these disciplines have vanished," he said.

"Till a few years ago the children from the city used to visit their native places in Dasara and summer vacations. But now this practice is also stopped as vacations are used to prepare the kids for the various national/ international level admission tests. The school is very right in coming out with newer kind of advice to all the parents which are worth following," he said.

Archana Kushi, a student counselor from the city also echo similar opinion. "Today we can see depression and other mental illness even among the teenagers. This is really a dangerous trend. Emotional issues haunt the students from very young age. So, I feel the school has done a great thing by coming out with a unique kind of experiment," she said.



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