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Failed in the examination? the onus is on the parents to save precious lives

by Shrivibhavana Bengaluru:

Within few hours after the Karnataka State II year PUC results, the news of suicide by several students who failed to perform well in the examination hit the headlines. In next few days, more students expected to take extreme decisions as more examination results are in the pipeline. Our immediate concern should be saving the precious young lives.

The fact of the matter is maintaining good academic track record has become very crucial in the present society. Society assesses an individual based on his/ her academic achievements. Every parent expects excellent results from their children. Indirectly it will impose a lot of pressure in the minds of kids. Thus preparing for exams and waiting for results expose the child to a lot of stress.

Here there are some tips to deal with exam result stress.

What should students do? Communicate the fear:

While waiting for the results, children may often lose their confidence thinking about the way how they answered in the examination. Sometimes, they spend sleepless nights thinking about it and waste their vacation. In such a situation students need to share their fear with the parents, siblings, and friend or with other family members of their choice. Don’t hesitate to share it. A student feels comfortable after listening to their consoling words.

On the eve of the result day:

Your stress level will be at the peak on the even of the result day. You will face the same situation till the announcement of the results. Medical practitioners suggest avoiding taking food or beverages which stimulates the stress. Don’t engage yourself in a discussion about results. It may further worsen your condition. Instead follow some relaxation techniques like going for a long walk, playing with children, watching a movie, reading a book etc.

On the day of announcement of results:

While checking the results ensure that your parents will be with you. They will help you to find your results. If your result doesn’t meet your expectation then, they will extend their support to you. If you don’t score as per your expectation or low don’t lose your confidence. You can explore new opportunities. Or you can reappear for the exams next year and achieve better results. Failure is a stepping stone to the success, motivate yourself and go ahead.

Parents must support children:

irrespective of his/ her score in the exam, parents must support their children and encourage them to pursue the course of their choice. Tell them `try to give your best and we will be with you no matter what the result is. The indication of hopelessness includes complaints of a headache or stomach ache, insomnia, irritability, loss appetite etc. Watch these signs carefully and try to give solutions to it.

Parents play a crucial role in saving young lives. They can ensure that their children will not undergo tension by adopting patience while dealing with the scorecard. Parents should not discuss results or marks with their children. It may further enhance the stress, worries and anxiety levels.

Parents must stop worrying about the society. If their son/daughter doesn’t meet their expectation they need not answer the family members or friends or relatives. The scorecard is very personal. Every child can’t be a topper. parents should not compare marks with the other children like friends, peers, relatives, classmates etc. It will make the children feel inferior. parents should not increase his/her frustration or anger by comparing with others or pointing his/her mistakes.

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