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What makes a few extraordinary teachers?



The brand of a school is built around its teachers. Good teachers make a school first choice of parents and the students. So the role of a teacher is very important in making or breaking of an institution. A few teachers bring good name to the schools while others destroy the image. Keeping this in mind only, the school managements always give priority to good teachers at the time of recruitment drive.


Extraordinary teachers are those who produce distinctive and unforgettable educational experiences.  They should know what to teach, how to teach and how to improve.


Extraordinary teachers will maintain a good relationship with the pupils. They help students to reduce their uncertainty, suspicion and encourage innovative ideas and enhance the confidence.


They should possess a passion for their field.  This passion may arise due to research. The relationship between teaching and research are stronger. Thus institutes should encourage research activities.


The extraordinary teacher requires deep knowledge and understanding in a wide range of areas.


Role of teacher preparation in becoming an extraordinary teacher

Since past two decades, much focus has been given to reforms in teacher preparation aimed at improving learning outcome for students in schools.  The concept of reformation in teacher preparation has presented different perspectives on the process of teaching.  In that mainly discussed points are a knowledge base for teaching and routines and practices of classroom teaching.


Educational Scholars like Feiman and Zeichner says that  Conventional practice of teacher preparation programmes have been criticised for being too often characterized by fragmentation, weak pedagogy, and a lack of articulation among courses and between courses and field experiences as well as for the absence of a set of organizing themes, shared standards and clear goals.  The teacher preparation programme should meet the minimum standards set by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education at the same time they should emphasize on quality teaching.


There is a debate that whether the teacher preparation has a direct impact on student’s achievement. Few researches have proved that teachers preparation programmes have direct positive effects on student’s achievement.


Since decade shift can be observed in this concept.  Few educational experts say that preparation programmes have focused too much on theory and not on how teachers engage in the `core tasks’ of teaching.


Quality of teachers may improve by improving quality of teacher’s training. Educational experts may think of adopting innovating training methods which meet the changing needs in the educational sector.


Salary increase can also be a solution to improve the quality of teachers.  Institutions can announce endowment prizes for proactive teachers as an incentive.


According to academician Raja Rao from Hyderabad, the destiny of a school always in the hands of the teachers as they are the real stake holders of an educational institute. “Generally teachers are appointed based on their qualification. But many a times those with higher degrees fail to communicate with the students making them a burden on the educational institute. On the other hands few teachers with modest experience and the qualification wins the heart of the students easily. Generally parents decide the school  for their kids based on the real time experience of other parents and students who are already studying in the institute. So the teachers play a crucial role in  the image building exercise of a school,” he said.


He also pointed out that in this modern era of corporate schools, the role of teachers is slowly losing its significance. “Artificial Intelligence based learning equipments are entering the campuses. This means, the role of teachers is coming down. Still a good teacher is always play a crucial role in the shaping of the future of a student,” he concluded.

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