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NEET is not NEAT as predicted!


Bengaluru: The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test which is popularly called as the  NEET has two components. NEET- Under Graduate has been made compulsory for the admission to the MBBS and BDS courses while NEET Post Graduate for various dental and medical post graduate courses. Even though this examination was brain-child of previous United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, it was successfully implemented by the present NDA government led by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Medical profession requires an extremely high degree of education, knowledge and expertise. According to the reports every year, nearly more than 14 lakh students compete for the available 63,000 MBBS seats in the country. Thus it is necessary to ensure fair distribution of these limited seats for the best candidate who has right aptitude for Science and the medicine besides the large-heartedness to serve the patients who are in distress. Thus the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET UG)  is catering to admissions in all the government and private medical and dental colleges in the country on the basis of its merit list was introduced in the country.


Prior to the NEET era, various state governments, private universities and colleges were conducting more than 40 different entrance examinations beside a national level admission test of the All India Quota (AIQ) seats by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Before the implementation of the NEET, a student had to appear for multiple entrance examinations to try his chances of getting admission into a good medical college. It had both positives and negatives. Those who were not able to perform well in a single admission had an option of improving his performance in another examination. But there were a large number of complaints regarding malpractices in these examinations. When NEET exam was introduced first time in the year 2012, the impact of this on students from the different educational background was raised.  Several states like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu tried to keep education as state subject and several private colleges in these states knocked the door of courts. But Supreme Court upheld the NEET exams but it was net with howls and protests. Experts expressed their concern over the problems faced by the students from weaker sections and from rural areas while attending the NEET examination. But few argue that it is economical it will save money and time.  This single, uniform, nationwide test ensured that students need not prepare for various tests, different types of syllabus of different states.


According to the Psychologists, a single entrance exam for admission into medical colleges will build pressure on students. Because they get only one chance to get admission to a medical college.  This pressure may adversely affect o the performance of a student in the examination. There might be several questions in the mind of the students. Whether the new system will bring the benefits or work well to the students who hope to secure medical admission in a fair and transparent manner.


Schools V/s coaching institutes: generally it has been assumed that schools lay the foundation for the achievements of the students. But since the introduction of the NEET, the private coaching centres are slowly taking away the importance of the schools. Instead, these coaching institutes boast the performance of their students without referring to the schools from where these students complete their studies.


Even though the students compete for the free, affordable medical seats in the NEET examination, the coaching fee is running for few thousands of rupees which is not affordable for the students from the middle-class families. The difficulty level of the examination is so high that it has been assumed that it is not possible to crack the examination without scientific coaching. The government +2 colleges are not ready to prepare the students for this examination. All these issues need to be addressed at the earliest to create a level playing field for one and all.

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