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Aggrieved students demand extension of window to verify CBSE marks

NEW DELHI: A TOI report on Sunday, pointing out differences of up to 400% in original and corrected totals in CBSE Class XII exams, has triggered an outcry among parents and students.


They not only want the window for verification of marks extended, but are also demanding that CBSE should reopen the re-evaluation process and make available photocopies of the evaluated answer scripts without any rider.


Technically, the deadline to file online applications for obtaining photocopies of the evaluated answer scripts ended on Monday. However, many said CBSE should extend the provision.


There are many who applied for the verification process, but are skipping the step of obtaining the photocopy and instead filing RTIs to get it. Interestingly, in response to a TOI online poll, 71% of respondents said that not only CBSE, all boards make errors in evaluation of answer sheets and that all students should have the right to seek revaluation and examine their answer sheets.

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