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Aadhaar: big relief for the CBSE and other schools


Bengaluru:The Supreme Court judgement on the Aadhaar card comes as a big relief for the hundreds of CBSE and other private schools which were facing the wrath of the parents over the issue all these years.

On Wednesday the Supreme Court in its landmark judgment made it clear that Aadhaar is not mandatory for the admissions to the CBSE schools. According to the authorities, this verdict is also applicable for the state and other affiliated schools. "All these days only CBSE schools had made Aadhaar compulsory for the admissions. Other syllabus schools like state syllabus, ICSE were demanding the Aadhaar even though it was not mandatory. Henceforth following the Supreme Court judgment no school can demand the Aadhaar number of either parents or the students," said a senior officer of the CBSE.

Tricky situation: according to the school heads demanding the Aadhaar number of parents and the students had created a tricky situation for the schools all the years to them. "Many parents were obliging our instruction. But others were opposing. It was leading to a number of confusions. The Supreme Court judges cleared the air," she said.

Contrary to this many feel that Aadhaar could have been a game changer in the schooling system if all the stakeholders were taken into the confidence before making it compulsory without any public debate.

"The present-day governments are launching a number of pro-student initiative from free textbooks to mid-day meal, shoe, laptop, free coaching, free bicycles etc. There are a number of complaints that few vested interests are misusing it by furnishing false data. For example, excess indent quoted for the free bicycles scheme in the state of Karnataka. If the Aadhaar number of each student is available, this can be stopped. Similarly, there are complaints that money is siphoned off even in the mid-day meal scheme too. If Aadhaar number of all the students is seeded with the beneficiary list, this issues can be rectified and more transparency can be achieved," says Vasant Nadig, an activist from Bengaluru.

"At the college level, multiple agencies are engaged in the distribution of scholarships, laptops. A single student is getting benefits from multiple agencies. These things can be avoided through a centralized system," he said.

"With the Supreme Court allowing the government to insist Aadhaar card for the social welfare schemes, the government must work in this regard to ensure total transparency," he said.

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